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a friend for everyone

8/24/09 06:46 pm - stephiesox - Hi, I'd love a penpal XD

Here I am:
Age: 24
Gender: Female
Location: UK
Language: English

Singers/bands: Many and everything! Green Day, Darren Hayes, Pink, Zebrahead, Paramore, Savage Garden. Too many to list! :)

Films/Directors: Studio Ghibli, Tim Burton, Lost in Translation, All Harry Potter, Mean Girls, Silent Hill, Serenity.

Books/Authors: Phillip Pullman, The Time Travellers Wife (Favourite Book Ever!), Harry Potter, Fruits and Fresh Fruits, Anne Rice.

TV: Buffy, The Mighty Boosh, Anime (Dragon Ball Z, Cowboy Bebop, Outlaw Star, Pokemon), Mock the Week, Ugly Betty, Black Adder, Red Dwarf, FireFly, Monty Python, Birdman- Atourney at Law, Spongebob.

Interests: Decora and Kawaii, Japenese Street Fashion, All things Japan,  I love to write and would like to be published, I especially love childrens books. I am currently a student and want to work in TV as my day job, Drawing and doodleing, listening to music, travel, day dreaming. 

How many penpals do you want? I would like a few. :)
How many penpals do you have?  One in New Zealand. 
Do you type or handwrite? I would rather hand write a letter as it seems more personal, but e-mail is ok if this is not possible. 
What age would you like your penpal to be? Between 17-27
Would you like them to be male or female? Preferably female (I have a boyfriend, you see)
What are you looking for in a penpal? Someone funny and friendly, with the same interests as me. Ok you don't have to be funny, but the same interests would be great. Love to share colourful hand written letters and experiences. :)

6/9/09 04:09 pm - xelegantwingsx - Hi there (>^.^)>

Would you like to be my friend? =^.^=
Name: Reita (Rei-chan)
Age: 16
Birthday:  6/05/93
Gender: Female
Location: TX
E-mail: ritasama@yahoo.com
Self-described as:  caring, loveable, ambitious, dreamer, j-rock lover
School: highschool
Language: English, learning german and trying japanese

Singers/bands: Tokio Hotel,Gackt,Miyavi,HYDE,the Gazette,Brokencyde,Nevershoutnever,Framing Hanley,Hatsune Miku, etc.

Films/Directors: 28 days later,Death Note movies,anything by studio ghibli,Aladdin,Alice in Wonderland

Books/Authors: I LOVE CLAMP XD twilight, lots of manga...

TV: one tree hill,H.O.U.S.E,lots of anime (theres so many!!!)

Interests: music,Gothic Lolita, art, web design, graphic design, nekos, yaoi, anime

How many penpals do you want? Hm, one or two is fine :]
How many penpals do you have?  so far none
Do you type or handwrite? both
How long are your letters? depends on the subject...usually atleast a page...
Do you send gifts with your letters? Sometimes if your special >.<
What age would you like your penpal to be? around my age
Would you like them to be male or female? Can I has one of both?
What are you looking for in a penpal? A friend, someone who is gothic lolita or likes that kind of stuff would be cool

6/7/09 08:11 pm - yuka_matsuhide - (。◕‿◕。)

Hey =DD !!

Name : Valeriane
Nicknames : Yuka • Raygan
Age : 17
Gender : Female
LocationNancy - France
E-mail :

Languages : English • Spanish • Japanese • Korean [ a bit ]
Interests : Cinema • Drawing • Japan • Listening to Music • Have fun • Visual Kei
Music : Alic Nine • The GazettE • Ayabie • Black Eyed Peas • P!nk
[ I like a lot of other band, but those ones are my favorites ]
Movies : I an in love with the cinema, I go there about twice a week, sometimes more.
So I like a lot of movies ( > . < )
My favorite film diretor is Quentin Tarantino
My favorites actors are Taylor Kitsch and Heath Ledger.
Books: Mangas • Harry Potter  • Eragon . . .
TV :  Happy Tree friends • One tree Hill • Will and Grace • Friends • Nobuta wo Produce • Sex And the City • Ichi rittoru no namida • Gokusen • Supernatural • Deseperate housewives • Dr House • Grey's Anatomy • Veronica Mars • The experts Las Vegas
Length of Letters: it depends =]
Sending Gifts: Yes =D !

Age of Penpal : No matter ( ^ w ^ )
Male/Female : No matter =]
Where Do You Want Them To Be From ? Anywhere !
Long Have You Been Penpaling ? Few years.
How Many Do You Want ? A lot of !!
What Are You Looking For In a Penpal ? A friend relashionship, talks about common interests, or sometimes learn new ones ^^

Here is my journal :  *and yes this is me on the pix with pink hair ( > . < )*

Hope I'll talk to you soon ( ^ ___ ^ )
See you~ !!

6/1/09 12:05 pm - nellaxan - Hi!


Name: Antonella
Nicknames: Tells Chan, Nella
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Location: Lima, Peru

Religion: Catholic
Language: English and Spanish.
Interests: Anime, Manga, Lolita Style, drawing and painting with watercolours, reading, languages and cultures, visual arts.
Music: sorry­ for having it all mixed)
-Mois dix Mois (*.*)/
-L´arc en Ciel
-An Cafe
-Dir en Grey
-the Gazette
-Jack ´n Jill
-Kanon Wakeshima
-Aya Hirano
-and some others i don`t remember now. xP
Movies: Akira, Star Wars, Amelie, Hayao Miyazaki`s Films, Tekkonkinkreet, Horror and Drama themed movies

Books: Long List, I read almost anything that falls into my hands
TV: Anime und Cartoons, The Simpsons, E.R, X files, Doctor House, TDI (n.nU)
Handwrite/Typing: Both
Length of Letters: not short, but no entire will
Sending Gifts: It will be very nice :D

Age of Penpal: 15-25
Male/Female: Don´t care
Where Do You Want Them To Be From? AnywhereHow Long Have You Been Penpaling? Few years.
How Many Do You Want?: 2, 3 or mab
What Are You Looking For In a Penpal? Someone to write to, and that will write back, xD, it will be great if we share some common interests, but if it´s not like that fine with me, its always fun to learn about others xD


5/7/09 08:26 pm - hachiikko - Hi~


Well, Hi~

Name: Nana
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Location: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
E-mail: hachiikko@hotmail.com

Religion: I think every one is free to believe in what he/she wants. I believe in God, but is not because of this that I am going to try in all ways to show you my belief.
Language: English, Portuguese and a little fo japanese.
Interests: Music, reading books, hang out with friends, dye my hair and many more other things.
Music: Almost all japanese, chinese and korean ones. And some little bands that speak english.
Movies: a lot
Books: a lot², plus I don't know that name of them in english.
TV: Scrubs, The Big bang Theory, Two and a Half men
Handwrite/Typing: I'm prefer handwriting. For me it is more personal.
Length of Letters: Depends, in the beginning will be few but over time will increase
Sending Gifts: I like to send it for people that I like. Sometimes big ones, other[most of time] small cute ones.

Age of Penpal: I don't care about it.
Male/Female: Either.
Where Do You Want Them To Be From? I don't know. I want them to be from some where that is not Brazil.
How Long Have You Been Penpaling? Few years.
How Many Do You Want?: I just want people who wants me to be his/her penpal.
What Are You Looking For In a Penpal? Someone that will write regularly, that don't care about random subjects and that like to read.

Just waiting for someone~


5/6/09 09:41 pm - st_jemmy - ~looking for a pen pal~

haaaai :3

Name: jemmy
Age: 18
Birthday: 15.05.1991
Gender: Female
Location: Zurich, Switzerland
Self-described as: chaotic, shy, flippy, childish, cute, macabre, weird, dreamy
Language: English, French, German

Please read on...Collapse )

9/12/08 09:15 am - kay_lake - Penpal anyone?

I'd love a penpal! I guess I'm in the right place :)

Here's me....Collapse )
Age: 21
Gender: Female
Location: UK
Language: English

Singers/bands: Too many to list them all! Emilie Autumn, Ladytron, The Birthday Massacre, Frank Zappa, Marsheaux, Goldfrapp, Siouxsie and the Banshees. I also love classical music – Tchaikovsky or Rachmaninoff are probably my favourites.

Films/Directors: I love old Hollywood movies and Film Noir! I also like Lust Caution, Stardust, Breakfast at Tiffany's, Enchanted, Alice in Wonderland, Memoirs of a Geisha.

Books/Authors: Haruki Murakami, Phillip Pullman, Margaret Atwood, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Shakespeare, Jane Austen. I love reading – there’s too many books/authors I love to list here!

TV: I don’t watch much TV to be honest. I sometimes watch The Munsters, Dr Who,

Interests: Music, travelling, fashion (Lolita, historical, Japanese street fashion), making my own clothes and dressing up in them, the ocean, Art Deco, reading, writing letters, corsetry. I daydream a lot

How many penpals do you want? Any number would be cool :)
How many penpals do you have?  None :(
Do you type or handwrite? I would prefer handwritten letters.
What age would you like your penpal to be? Between 17 and 26.
Would you like them to be male or female? Either
What are you looking for in a penpal? A friend. I love writing and receiving letters with little stickers and photos and drawings and maybe little presents in – they’re just so much fun to get in the post!

(Oh...I'm going away for a week tomorrow, so won't be able to reply til I get back...but I'm not ignoring anybody :) )

8/18/08 07:52 am - laurenlobotomy - penpals please?~

 Name: Lauren
Age: 17
Birthday: February 23,1991
Gender: female
Location: Lusby,Maryland
E-mail: ancafe999@hotmail.com


8/16/08 01:05 am - kirakira713

I'd really love to have a penpal!

Here I am.Collapse )

6/24/08 04:56 pm - littlemouse0000 - Would you like to be my pen pall?

Name: Little Mouse (Debbie)
Age: 20
Birthday:  07/12/87
Gender: Female
Location: Bath - UK
E-mail: gothicfairie@hotmail.co.uk
Self-described as:  unusual, misunderstood, shy
School: Bath Spa University
Language: English

Singers/bands: Muse, SOAD, MCR, MSI, IAMX, Robots in Disguise, JRock, Classical etc

Films/Directors: Tim Burton and Studio Ghibli, Period dramas, Nearly anything with Christian Bale, Cult films, Comedy

Books/Authors: Harry Potter, Terry Pratchett, Garth Nix, and other randoms

TV: Mighty Boosh, anime such as Vampire Knight, Lost, Futurama, Derren Brown etc

Interests: Gothic Lolita, Film, Eating and sleeping lol, daydreaming, reading

How many penpals do you want? One would be ok
How many penpals do you have?  none :(
Do you type or handwrite? I would much prefer hand written letters - very personal and much more fun to recieve
What age would you like your penpal to be? About my age
Would you like them to be male or female? Female
What are you looking for in a penpal? A friend. Someone to confide in, someone to share things with.

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